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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Beer-can Duck

This menacing bad boy was a small experiment that was part of a larger feast. Hopefully I'll have time to post the rest. Anyway, I was craving duck and really wanted to try roasting a small one. I took a frozen one from 99 Ranch and brined it in a simple red wine brine overnight. Then I dried it for around a day in the fridge. An hour before cooking, I rubbed it with some "roast duck" seasoning also from 99 Ranch. I did the beer can setup with a small orange inside the cavity just to get the bird sitting right and let it cook at 200F for a few hours while I had a Saturday morning shift. The bird looked like this when I got home, and it wasn't too over-cooked (180F internally) after 3 hrs! Very juicy after a 10min rest and carving, but needed a lot more salt on the inside. I always remembered the cavity side of roasted ducks to be very very salty; now I know why. Posted by Picasa


  • While I've always found fowl stuffed with a can of some nice beverage a little intimidating, this one has a real pose going on. Kinda looks as though she/he is listening intensely. Nice action!

    Did you make a sauce or gravy?

    By Blogger drbiggles, at 2:59 PM  

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