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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Classic

Every holiday, we see similar pictures of this grand meal that we slaved over. We want to get it just right, so if we are going to show it off, it certainly should be the final presentation, the fruit of the labor.  This year, however, I am going to take another approach. You've seen my turkey plenty of times, some of you have even tasted it. For me, the sense of accomplishment comes not when everything is on the table and looking pretty, but afterwards:

Thanksgiving Feast

Even better if whatever people were there are off somewhere with food coma.

We had a little Thanksgiving dinner the day after at home. It might have been the most from scratch meal I've made all by myself. Green bean casserole with my own creamy mushroom sauce, simple buttermilk drop biscuits, turkey giblets gravy (TWO things that let me play with roux!), and of course, the brined all night turkey. With a little contribution of mashed potatoes and stuffing from others, it was both classic and satisfying.

I guess if you really want to see the turkey, you can see it in action:


Good girl Hannah, you go after that turkey leg.