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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bel Frites

Down here in SLO, a new eatery just opened up called "Bel Frites". It sells Belgian style fries with special dipping sauces. I've heard of these type of places on the Food Network so when one opened up here, I took a break from the books to check it out. The fries come in paper cones and you have the option of a special seasoning salt as well as dipping sauce. I chose the cajun chili "essence" with the Mustang Ranch Adobo dipping sauce. I figured the dairy in the ranch would mellow out the heat of the seasoning salt. Without the sauce, the fries were very spicy (but then again, the server could have been flirting with me when he asked if I liked hot things and put on a few more dashes). The ranch did help cut the spice but my mouth was already burning. Even with the spiciness, I could still taste the cajun part of the seasoning. The order was a bit pricy but very good. Next time, less spice and less fries ( this order was practically two meals). Posted by Picasa

Leftover Turkey Shepherd's Pie

I got the recipe from Emeril at foodtv.com. I had so much leftover turkey, I had to do something about it and with finals coming up, I don't want to bother cooking everyday. The shepherd's pie seemed like a good idea. I don't think I let my turkey/veggie mixture thicken up enough so it was all a bit watery but still good. And no, I didn't mash up my own potatoes. I don't have the time or a masher for that. Didn't I mention finals? Also, my oven runs a bit hot and without a oven thermometer, I had no idea what the actual temperature in there is so I pulled out my casserole early. That explains why the cheese isn't nicely bubbly looking but at least it's all melted. I got a few yummy meals out of it but I think I'm done with turkey for a while. Posted by Picasa