Hodge Podge Kitchen

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Healthy Eating

My definition of healthy eating is not about cutting calories. I have been trying to eat more unprocessed food lately. I even renewed my organic produces delivery service. But with my work schedule right now, it just takes a bit longer than I have time for after work. So I'm trying out recipes that are really quick to make. (I'm also cooking a ton of stuff and freezing them in individual package, but that's a different subject.) Fish is always an ideal choice since it cooks so fast. I baked the salmon fillets in foil and simply seasoned with salt, citrus pepper blend, and lemon. To go with the salmon, I made a cracked wheat pilaf with carrots and zucchinis.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Apple sauce over ice cream

So one of my roommates always brings home fruits that she'll never eat. I don't remember what kind of apple it was but it was getting wrinkly so I decided to get creative. Slice the apple, some butter and brown sugar in a pan, heat, and done. What was even better was that I poured this sauce over lactose-free ice cream. I'm so happy I can eat ice cream worry-free. Posted by Picasa