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Friday, January 28, 2005


While we were in Hong Kong, we took a one day trip to Macau. The boat ride was about an hour long. It's amazing how different the two cities are. While Hong Kong for the most part looks very modern and new, Macau is on the opposite end. If the buildings would have been kept up better, it would have been a beautiful city. But as it is now, it's just a whole gray mess of buildings. The few main attractions in Macau includes the church facade, casino (reason why people from HK goes there), vistor's tower (like the space needle in Seattle), and speciality food items like pork jerky, egg rolls, and almond cookies. I don't have a picture of the pork jerky, but they actually roast the meat in front of you. The almond cookies are made of just sugar and ground almond. Here's a picture of the mini version with sesame.

Egg rolls are not the same egg rolls you get in Chinese restaurant. These are light, crisp crepe like wrapper. They could be filled with sweet fillings or savory version like the one here, which are flavored with curry and filled with dried, fried pork.


  • Hey I got some of the pork jerky, but I don't remember anyone offering me any almond cookies. Are you holding out on me????

    By Blogger Alan, at 11:59 PM  

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