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Monday, April 16, 2007

Healthier Instant Noodle

For those who remember me little goodbye letter to instant noodle, I am still trying to avoid it. Since I am currently staying home, I need ideas for quick lunch that I could whip up and eat quickly. (I found that baby does not always sleep for long period of time.) I should clarify that I decided to stop eating it due to the high fat, sodium and chemical contents, NOT because I don't find them tasty. (Going through the instant noodle section in an Asian market without being tempted by a certain flavor is hard.) But during my last trip to Ranch 99 I found instant ramen noodle that are not fried and also instant seaweed soup mix that does not contain MSG. Ok, the sodium level on the soup is still high. I made it a little less so by using half the content of the soup mix instant (with less water). Cook a few frozen wontons that I made during my crazy stocking/nesting period, I ended up with a pretty good ramen soup that is not full of scary chemicals.


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