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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ginger Scones with Lemon-Blueberry Filling

I checked out a copy of Janie Hibler's The Berry Bible from the library a couple of weeks ago. It's sad that I got this book in the winter before berry season starts. I keep reading all these yummy recipes and could only copy them to try later on in the year. I did manage to find a few things that I could make now. The scones are one of them. As soon as I read the part where candied ginger are used in the dough, I knew this will be the first recipe to try. I love crystallized ginger, but I've only been eating them plain as candy. Using it in the scones was a great addition to the overall flavor. The lemon curd and berry jam (I don't have fresh, ripe blueberries afterall) in the center just put them over the top. I will definitely make these again. Even my dad, who don't normally go for sweets, made sure that my mom save the last one for him.


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