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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter Diner

Easter traditionally involves a big meal (usually brunch) with family (usually involving ham...This is where I admit - I don't really like ham. I know, it's almost un-American). This is none of those things. I spent Easter with my wife's family and we had a laid back afternoon eating a lot of pretty good food (yes, ham was involved). Afterwards, we had an egg hunt at home with the girls (indoors, thanks a torrid rainstorm). My wife's immediate family came over and I decided to try and make a quick and light dinner for everyone. It's all easy, fast, and star studded...Did anyone catch that Food Network special where they cater these people's wedding. Well Food Network catered my Easter...kind of:

Bacon and Eggs Coal Miner's Pasta by Rachael Ray - A family favorite. I make this semi regularly and everyone that have tried it seem to like it.

Chicken Marsala by Tyler Florence - My wife likes this a lot...of course I don't actually have Marsala wine. You're lucky I had some red wine on hand. It was still good. I particularly like the pounding of the chicken.

Rosemary and Ham Scones by Rachael Ray - The only dish that I never tried before, but hard to mess up. I spared the green things so my kids would eat it.Posted by Hello


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