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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Oyster Sauce

I was watching America's Test Kitchen last weekend and they had a oyster sauce taste test. I like the fact that they mentioned one brand could have a few different versions, supposedly by the quality of the ingredients used. For example, Lee Kum Kee have 3 different quality of oyster sauce, a vegetarian version made with mushroom, and one with dried scallops. So when you go to the supermarket, you got this big selection to go through. The one they recommended is the oyster sauce with dried scallops from Lee Kum Kee. The problem I have with it? They picked one with dried scallops in it! The other ones they taste tested didn't have dried scallops. That's almost like comparing oyster sauce to abalone sauce. They both have the similar sweetness from the seafood, same consistency, and they both could be used in the same dishes. But they're not the same thing! My recommendation is the "old label" premium version of it the Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce. This is probably the same base as the one with the dried scallops but costs less. Just look for the colorful label.


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