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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Shrimp and Peas Risotto

Okay, so it's shrimp and peas and carrots risotto; it's what I had in the freezer. I haven't really cooked all week so I decided to make something special for Sunday night dinner. The beef stock I used gave the rice a darker brown color than expected. To make this meal, I sauteed half an onion and one garlic cloves in some olive oil in a pan until the onions were opaque. Then I threw in one cup of medium grain rice and sauteed until translucent. After I added ladlefuls of stock. I used a combination of chicken and beef stock. (hey, it's what ever this college student has on hand when she cooks). Each ladleful should be added in one at a time after the perceding stock has been aborbed. (if you make a line in the pan and nothing moves to fill in the line, it's time for more stock.) In all, I used about four cups of stock. The amount of stock depends on how much rice and what kind it is. Just like making pasta, I never follow what is written on the packaging. To avoid overcooking, the defrosted shrimp, peas, and carrots were added before the last ladleful. I cut the shrimp in to bits to make it seem like I had more than actual in there. Again, just a college student. All seasoning went in at the end, especially any salt adjustment. Stock can be quite high in sodium. Just for a bite at the end, I added white pepper and indian chile powder. I make the distinction in chile powders because that's was what my Indian roommate had and it's stronger than what's normally found in American supermarkets. Served up a bowl topped it off with some melty cheese of choice for myself and volia! Dinner! Alright a dinner that took about an hour, prep and all, but it was all worth it. Posted by Hello


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