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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Country Breakfast

Country Breakfast 2

So a friend of ours started college this fall and was visiting one Saturday morning so I decided to make a nice breakfast (or really, in my house, there is only brunch) for her. Nothing better to battle bad college student eating than some good hearty breakfast. I went with a combination of stuffed french toast and country skillet.

Strawberry French Toast

The strawberry and cream cheese french toast is simple enough and can be made ahead. Spread cream cheese and strawberry jam between two slices of thick bread. Place in a pan and pour your favorite french toast mixture over top. Leave overnight in fridge so the bread can soak up the mixture and bake until golden brown in the morning. (I don't have the recipe readily available right now. It was courtesy of the Big Book ok Breakfast that I borrowed from my sister.

Country skillet

The country skillet came courtesy of Alton Brown's first book, I'm Just Here for the Food. (I am really selling books today) Basically frozen hash brown mixed with frozen spinach and eggs, placed in a skillet and under the broiler under hash brown begins to brown. Add cheese and crack and egg or two on top and place back under boiler until the egg on top just sets.

Country Breakfast 1

Pretty simple and pretty good...I don't know if I helped to combat the ol' Freshmen 15, but I think I brought a little bit of home to our poor college friend.


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