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Thursday, September 22, 2005


I know I'm a little late with the mooncake post, since Harvest Moon festival was Sunday. But I had to wait for Alan to sent me the photo. The mooncake pictured above is not the traditional sweet ones with lotus seed paste. No no, this is one choke full of marcademia nuts, melon seeds, dried ham, and egg yolk. This is the craze in San Francisco the past few years from the Golden Gate Bakery on Grant Ave in San Francisco Chinatown. For the past few years, these little cakes have been flying out of the bakery. The price have been going up from $22 to now close to $30 for a box of four. I've tried to stand in line to get a box this year. I left after standing there for half an hour with no movement in the line except for the couple of people who gave up. I was even there when a fresh batch of mooncakes are out of the oven, you think the line would move then? Nope, seems like the whole batch have already been sold to the people what have prepaid in the store. Did I mention this was in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday??? Pure madness. Oh, how did I manage to take a photo of it? My cousin brought a box for my grandmother that included two of these. They are good, in case you're wondering. It's nothing like a regular mooncake since it's not sweet. But I won't say it's savory either. It's exactly what you would expect eating a bunch of nuts with a little ham and egg would taste like. Whether they are worth the wait and trouble is a totally different story...


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