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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Birthday Brunch at Bouchon

I was thinking for a long time on where to take Chris for his birthday. Since his birthday happened to be on a Sunday this year, I thought brunch will be good choice. Also, we have such nice weather this time of the year around here in the Bay Area, I decided that we're going to go up north to the Napa Valley. After doing a bit of research, Bouchon seems to be a good choice since they do have brunch specials on Sunday. I made a reservation for noon, but it seems that we could've just walk in. The staff was quite nice, but very, very slow. I think our brunch took more than an hour and a half for us, and I'm the only one who had more than one course. I also started with a baby beets salad and a glass of rose.

We both decided on the two brunch specials for the entree, Chris had the Eggs Florentine and I had the Duck Confit Hash. (I know, I seem to be enjoying this more than Chris and it's his birthday!)

Sorry for the blurry pictures, I blame it on the glass of wine on an empty stomach. The food were definitely good. Service could be improved, but we'll probably return to try other items. There's a bakery across from the restaurant and that was where we picked up some goodies to eat later on for dessert. The "oreo" cookie was very good, so are the macaroons.

Not sure it's good enough for the price though. But I'm married to a very good baker, so I'm more picky about that. =) Oh, we went out to dinner with a couple friends at Cortez in SF, that was also really good. But I have no pictures so I won't go into too much details.


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