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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Chicken Noodle Soup

Just last year when I moved in, I made chicken stock from scratch. When I do my first grocery run, I buy the bone-in chicken breast, de-bone and use the bones for stock. It probably doesn't have the same flavor as if I used thigh bones too but it's all good. I won't bother with a recipe since it's so simple and I'm sure everyone has an option as to what goes in it. I chopped up the veggies in big chunks so it would fit in the pot, threw everything in, and let it come to a boil then shimmer for a couple of hours. I put most of the stock in "mega ice trays" ( a good idea but really hard to get ice out of the trays so we never use them) and made chicken noodle soup a few days later. The chicken was taken off the bones used in the stock; I didn't want to ruin my knives by hitting the bone when taking it off. A nice bowl of soup was a good way to start off the school year and now I have stock if I need it. Posted by Picasa


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