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Monday, April 11, 2005

Salmon Dumplings

I remember when I was still living in Hong Kong, my family would have dinner with my aunt on Sundays. In the winter, we will often have a dumpling feast where we would make everything from scratch. Each person is responsible for a certain task; cutting the dough into small pieces, rolling the dough into thin little rounds, and finally filling and folding the dough in the perfect shape. My brother and I were really too small to be useful. They usually just gave us a small piece of dough to play with. We also used to have little competition on who could eat the most. Fastforward to around 15 years later, when I was going to school in San Luis Obispo, one of the things that I would bring back to school with me are my parents potstickers/dumplings. No longer do they make the dough by hand at this point. But the fillings are seasoned the way I liked them, freezed and packed for me. Alas, my parents are no longer willing to make them anymore. Instead, they buy premade ones at restaurant distribution store that I really don't like. I never have much of an urge to make them myself since I never got that whole wrapping thing down. A trip to the library last week inspired me to at least attempt it. Instead of following a recipe from the book I checked out, of course I have to make something totally different. No recipe, cause well, I didn't pay attention to the quanity at all. The filling consist of salmon, grated ginger and garlic, soy sauce, sugar, white peppers, and a little salt. The wrappers are premade spinach ones you can get at Asian grocery store. I decided to wrap them in the simplest manner. Here's a picture of them after they're wrapped:

Here's another showing the pink filling with the green wrapper:


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