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Friday, May 20, 2005

IMBB #15 - Has my blog jelled?

The latest edition of IMBB is hosted by Elise at Simply Recipe. I made this coconut milk gelatin dessert the same day I made the lemon sherbet tacos. I guess I should have known better than to try to experiment on Friday the 13th. This one at least *looked* the way I pictured it. I don't really have a recipe to post for this at all since I have to play with this three times before I get the consistency that is more edible. The first time, I tried to follow the 6g of agar agar to 120g liquid. That didn't set the coconut milk at all. I melted some more agar agar with water and mixed it in. Then it got really, really hard and dense. Finally, I cutted it up and melted it over the stove. More milk was added to thin the mixture. It is still a bit too hard, but not unpleasantly so. So you see, I have no idea what the measurements ended up to be. =) The bigger problem is the lack of coconut milk flavor after I heated the coconut milk. I could at least list the ingredients if anybody else wanted to try their hand on it. The base liquid is a mixture of coconut milk and milk. Agar agar is used for setting the whole thing. Sugar was added to the desired sweetness level. Diced mango and green/pink colored tapioca cubes (regular tapioca will work, just not as colorful. Cook until clear, rinse and cool before adding to coconut mixture.) are added to provide some different textures and flavor.


  • Trying to get the proportions just right for jelling can be hard! Good to know that you can melt it and try again. I made one jello dish with milk that had the consistency of rubber. The dish looks beautiful.

    By Blogger Elise, at 5:57 PM  

  • it's so beautiful, such a shame about the jelling. i have no idea what the proportions for jelling coconut milk would be, but you can always do the cold saucer test: just spoon a little of your mixture on a cold (refrigerated) saucer, and if it doesn't gel within 30 seconds, you'll need more agar-agar.

    By Blogger Santos, at 6:33 AM  

  • Winnie - It looks beautiful. I've had problems with agar agar over-jelling dishes I've made, so I think it's a bit tricky to work with. And Santos, that's a great tip - Thanks!

    By Blogger Nic, at 12:38 PM  

  • Elise-
    Thanks for hosting again. This was definitely an experiment. But with so many different recipes to try now, I might put off trying to figure this one out for now. =)

    Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely try to keep it in mind. I guess it didn't help that I never used agar agar before either!

    I'm glad to know that someone else also had problems with it. I'll try not to give up on it quite yet!

    By Blogger Winnie, at 9:26 PM  

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